SRF | 2017 SRF, July 2017, Maria Hall, Seoul St.Mary's Hospital

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  2017 SRF, July 2017, Maria Hall, Seoul St.Mary's Hospital   

08:50-09:00    Welcome from the President of SRF

09:00-10:00    Session 1. Primary Rhinoplasty Pitfalls

[Moderators: Mankoon Suh (JW Plastic Surgery), Jaekyung Byun (Samsung Medical Center)]

1. Nasal axis deviation: Pitfalls in the surgical planning and tips for the better outcome Donglin Seo / 3

2. Columella-labial angle: Is it an absolute indicator of upturned tip?

   Loshui Chu (101 Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 4

3. Alar base reduction: Pitfalls related to the alar/lobule shape

   Sungwan Park (April31 Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 5

4. Controversies and points to ponder in the correction of hump nose

   Jongwoo Choi (Asan Medical Center) / 6

10:00-11:00   Session 2. Functional Rhinoplasty

[Moderators: Jaehoon Kim (April 31 Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic), Dongha Park (Ajou Univ. Hosp.)]

1. Perioperative medication and management for the rhinoplasty

   Seung Jong Lee (JW Plastic Surgery Center) / 9

2. Diagnosis and treatment of functional problems in a clinical setting

   Hanjo Kim (Eight Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 11

3. Postrhinoplasty functional problems: Prevention and solving

   Soowhan Kim (Department of Otorhinolaryngology, The Catholic Univ. of Korea Seoul St. Mary's Hosp.) / 12

4. Nasal valve insufficiency: Diagnosis and treatment

   Sangeun Park (Snow Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 14

11:00-11:30   Coffee Break

11:30-12:30   Session 3. Primary Rhinoplasty(Video Session): Harvesting Tissue and Cases

[Moderators: Soonjae Yang (Seoul Medical Center), Keuncheol Lee (Donga Univ. Hosp.)]

1. Septal cartilage: Harvest and how to overcome the obstacles

   Keuncheol Lee (Donga Univ. Hosp.) / 17

2. Auricular cartilage: Harvest and how to overcome the obstacles

   Koonhyun Kim (Human Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 19

3. Costal cartilage: Harvest, pitfalls and tips, how to solve the complications

   Sangha Oh (Chungnam National Univ. Hosp.) / 20

4. Temporal fascia: Harvest, pitfalls, pros and cons

   Euntaek Kang (Migo Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 21

12:30-13:30   Lunch

13:30-14:30    Session 4. Tips and Tricks

[Moderators: Sunggeun Park (JOSEPH Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic), Eunsang Dhong (Korea Univ. Guro Hosp.)]

1. Bulbous tip correction with tip contouring suture

   Gyusuk Hwang (Homme & Femme Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 25

2. Various application of PDS plate as ancillary method in rhinoplasty

   Jaeyong Jeong (Plus Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 26

3. Additional support with Medpor in septal extension graft

   Jinhyoung Kim (Dau Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 27

4. Tip plasty using 3-D mesh (T&R mesh)

   Kyuho Lee (O&YOUNG Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 28

5. Biphasic vs. monophasic Filler in non-surgical rhinoplasty

   Hyunjoon Hong (Kodi Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 29

6. Use of acellular dermal matrix in nasal tip surgery

   Hyunsoo Kim (GRIDA Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 30

7. Tentatively named “Puzzle Type Rib Cartilage Graft”

   Joonsung Lee (Apgujeong Trend Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic) / 31

14:30-15:00    Coffee Break

15:00-16:00    Session 5. Secondary Rhinoplasty: Dorsum

[Moderators: Moohyun Paik (101 Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic), Jongwoo Choi (Asan Medical Center)]

1. Failed autologous tissue Taekgyun Kim (The PLUS Plastic Surgery) / 35

2. Dorsal irregularity and saddle nose: Camouflage or anatomical correction

   Mankoon Suh (JW Plastic Surgery Center) / 36

3. Operated look of the dorsum and how to avoid and prevent it

   Jaeyong Jeong (Plus Aesthetic Plastic Surgic